FAQ - Commonly asked questions

Timeline to build your website
How long will this all take? Here you will find timeline guide for completing website projects

Checklist before going live
Use this checklist to review your website before going live.

How can I make my trial site live? (go live)
How to change your website from a trial site to a live public site, payment etc

Can I extend my trial?
Your trial period is extended everytime you press publish, so you can keep your trial going as long as it takes for your site to be ready to go live.

I've made my site live - why can I not find it in Google?
Google doesnt automatically know that your website is live the minute you make it live. In fact it could take up to 6 months for Google to find it and index it. You can help speed up this process up by submitting your site to Google for consideration

Procedure for getting a customised website template
Here is the procedure for having your website custom designed.

Editing more than one website
I have several websites. How do I access them under one login and password?

How to switch to HTML Mode
If you need to switch to HTML mode to add scripts or embed codes into your page there are two ways to do it.

Google results are linking to an old page - how do I fix this?
You can tell Google about the new page by setting file redirects in the system.

Who owns my website?
The short answer is you do, however you can't take our easy to use content management system with you

Creating a web site for an extra domain name
If the domain name is connected to another webspace, then please create a new webspace (using the same login email address as your existing site), then transfer the domain over from your other webspace, there is a domain setup option for that.

Custom Placeholder Pages [One page website]
You may like to go live with a single custom placeholder webpage with your own graphics, or downgrade to this if you are going offline for a while.

How do I change my login password

My images look ok in the CMS, but show rotated on iPad, other devices
If youre images are rotated on your website unexpectedly, it could be due to hidden EXIF data stored on the image when taking the photo

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