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Hosting Speed / Specifications
What is your hosting connection speed?

What is a hosting fee?
Web hosting is how your website remains visible to the worldwide public at all times. We use very high spec'ed servers (dedicated computers) in a quality data center, with highspeed redundant internet connections, uninteruptable power supplies, etc. Your hosting fee also contributes toward our helpdesk and advanced CMS services.

What is your A record?
We prefer you to enter a CNAME record of hosting.cms-tool.net, but learn more about A records here

Redirect one domain to another
How to redirect one domain name so it goes to your main domain.

Outage - I can't see my website
A process to follow if you can't see your website.

How can I check my bandwidth usage?
There are different plans available to suit the amount of traffic your site attracts. But are you on the right plan? How can you check?

Slow speeds and Load balancing
Learn more about our hosting infrastructure and how you can test specific web servers or access a previous days version of your website

Backups - All about Backups
We have lots of different sorts of backups, read more to understand.

Moving away from us
Sad to hear, but here are some tips for your new web host when transfering your website.

Security - How secure are our servers?
Find out about our security here

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