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SEO Strategy and Process
The basic strategy and process for approaching SEO on you website

Selecting the right key phrases and keywords
The most important first step is to consider your keywords and key phrases.

The first paragraph is very important
The first sentence of your opening paragraph is the most likely to be read by new cutomers and is highly relevant.

Headings and Titles
Headings and Titles are significant to all search engines.

Where do I enter Metatags?
You can enter your Meta Title, keywords and description on a page by page basis.

META keywords
DO enter keywords that you have used on your page. Do NOT enter Meta keywords that are not used on your page. If you want to add a new Meta keyword, then also add it to the content of your page.

Natural URLs and SEO filenames
Experienced users can get additional benefits from their SEO by tweaking the filenames of the website pages.

Search Engine Optimisation example
See an example for "lawn mowing, gardening and landscaping"

Linking - incoming links
Incoming links are like referrals to your business. More referrals are a good thing, as are incoming links.

Web Statistics
Use our Web Stats to monitor your traffic, and for search engine optimisation. See which other websites are giving hits to your website, which search engines are working, and which keywords people have used to find your website. Web Statistics come free with every domain you register and host with us. Learn more here.

Submit your website to search engines
Submit your website to as many directories and search engines as possible. The more used or relevant they are the better, so concentrate on these ones first.

Make changes a pages content often, or not at all
You have two options; Update your pages content to be up to date or leave it as a final version. If you leave your content alone, it will rise back up the ranks. Read here for more SEO tips to do with time.

Search within my own website
How can I add a search box to search within my own website?

Google Adwords
Adwords is a way to get to the top of the google search engine results by paying per click. You will want to track the success of different campaigns.

Google Sitemap XML
We do provide Google Sitemap XML feature automatically. We also have an automatically generated public Sitemap on your websites. Learn about the Google site map in the "search engines" area on the left menu in the CMS.

Add your sitemap.xml to Bing Webmaster Tools
Linking your domain and sitemap.xml file to a bing webmaster tools account will keep Bing up to date with changes to your website, and provide insights into search results and behaviours via their webmaster tools console.

Add your sitemap.xml to Google Search Console
Linking your domain and sitemap.xml file to a Google account will keep Google Search up to date with changes to your website, and provide insights into search results and behaviours via their search console.

Renewing domains for several years is a good idea
It will improve your SEO if you register your domain names for several years in advance. Squatters tend not to do that, so it sets you apart. It's also safer for your IP.

More Search Engine Optimisation information
Search around for more information on the internet, as SEO best practices are always changing. Read some excellent information from Google here.

Will transferring my existing website to you reduce my existing SEO ranking?
Provided you follow our guidelines for building your new site and changing your domain name to your new site, your search ranking will not only be preserved but will potentially increase.

Avoid flash and activeX
SEO is only as good as the pages google can "see" and "read"

Facebook / Social Networking links
Learn how to add social networking links to your website.

Secure Files/Pages and Google
It is hard to keep pages and files completely private from Google and other search engines. Here are a few guidelines and disclaimers.

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