FAQ - Vouchers, Discounts and Loyalty Points

How to add Vouchers and Discounts
Here is how you add function of vouchers and discounts to your site

How to send a voucher with the purchase of a product
Set up a product so that upon purchase or after a certain time, a voucher is sent to the customer.

Voucher Creation and Management
Our voucher management tool allows you to limit vouchers to a product or category and allows you to set expiry sates.

2 for 1, quantity discounts, member discounts
Follow the link to find more about individual product pricing for quantity and member price groups.

Loyalty Points Across multiple shopping carts
Loyalty points belong to a website as a whole, but are calculated/redeemable on page rules basis. Each shopping cart just need be setup with same loyalty point rules. All values must be > 0

Discounts / Sales
There are many different ways to create discounts or have a sale price.

Free Freight
Freight can be discounted in many ways

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