FAQ - Editing Photos

Image requirements for your website.
Here are the correct file formats and sizing requirements for uploading images to your website.

Pixlr - Online Image Editor
Pixlr is a powerful free image editing application that runs in your web browser.

Pixlr - Editing Images Tutorial (videos)
A quick introduction the image cropping options available with Pixlr - Opening, cropping, resizing and saving.

Creating a banner with Pixlr (video)
A youtube video tutorial detailing the process to create a banner using pixlr. Includes multiple images and text.

Using MS Paint to resize or create logos, buttons and banners
Every windows computer has a free graphics program called MS Paint... It really is a helpful little tool, and you can use it to crop/resize photos or create custom logos, banners and menu buttons.

Free Photo Resizing Program - Infranview
Check out Irfanview a great little program for resizing and touching up photos. It creates a good quality reduction, with a very small file size. And best of all its free and easy to use.

Resize Images Using MS Office Picture Editor
Anyone with MS office installed, should have an Edit option if they right click on any image prior to uploading it

Paint.net - another free photo manipulation tool
Another great photo app - useful for adjusting your photos prior to uploading to your site.

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