FAQ - Managing Membership

Member Status / Security Levels / Opt In Levels
Not limited to 'email lists' members can be allowed certain (limited) site privileges. There are many member security levels. These affect access to password protected pages and also to emailing lists. They are explained in more detail here

Member Security/Password Pages
Suppose you want to provide your members with an ability to register and then access some password protected pages on your website.

Logout Issues On Password Protected Pages
Here is a checklist of items to fix the reason some customers can't maintain a logged in session behind your password protected pages

Customising Registration Pages
How do I add customised text to the register and login pages?

Registration and Password Reminders
When an existing member registers, they get a warning telling them they are already a member. Learn more here.

Auto Membership Registration, Expiry, Renewal and Payments
You can use our shopping cart to sell term memberships, with automated password delivery for 24/7 real time access, and our bulk emailer to communicate renewals.

Advanced Members Widget
Consider using [LOGIN] in your template for some special advanced features.

Member Collaborative Pages, Member Content
Do want your members to be able to contribute content to your website, find out how here.

Allow admin access for single pages
You can now assign admin access to individual pages to individual members.

Import Members from spreadsheet
How to import members list stored in a spreadsheet format.

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