FAQ - Shopping Cart basics

What is an ecommerce site? When might I need one?
Find out if an ecommerce site is appropriate for your organisation

Standard Online Sales Sequence
Description of the typical procedure for online sales.

Hiding a product or category
Here is how you change the visibity of products or categories.

Setting up a Shopping Cart (printable tutorial)
This tutorial provides information on the main steps involved with seting up your own new catalogue and shopping cart, with credit card and other payment options

Wedding Lists and Wish Lists
We now have a wedding/wish list feature

Promoted Items
You can promote individual products to appear on your template borders, or checkout pages, or auto suggest products at checkout based on others order history.

Duplicating a product
You can make a duplicate copy of an existing product in the CMS - here's how

Reviews and Ratings Widget
You can add a comprehensive reviews and ratings system to your ecommerce website very easily.

Removing Default Featured Products
You can remove the default featured products via the PROMOTION setting on a product, or in bulk.

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