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Email Overview
There are several ways that email can be added/accessed on your domain name. Email forwarding, POP3 Mailbox Accounts IMAP Mailbox Accounts, Server Name / MX Record change, Microsoft Exchange

Creating new POP3 or IMAP Email Mailbox Accounts
You can now add new POP3 or IMAP email mailboxes directly through our CMS. Just click on the red email button under your domain name, then follow the directions

IMAP on Outlook for Office 365 - Synchronising Folders
If you can connect to your mailbox but no mail is downloaded - see this troubleshooting tip

Outlook Desktop (Office 365) Settings
Mar 2020 settings tested as working with the office365 desktop client.

Getting a TLS Security Error - Invalid SSL Certificate
Make sure you are using the incoming and outgoing mail servers provided by our instructions inside the CMS. Incoming: mail.cms-tool.net Outgoing: smtp.cms-tool.net

Secure SMTP - One SMTP for all ISPs
If you work from multiple locations or through different Internet Providers, then you may find changing your SMTP server all the time is a real hassle

Domain Email and Minimising Spam
How to change email forwarding rules to minimise spam. How did someone take over my email account to send spam. How did the spammers find my email address?

Sending emails using your domain email address
How to set your 'reply to' address to your new personalised domain email address

How many email addresses can I have using my domain?
You can have as many email aliases as you require, but limited pop mailboxes.

What is a forwarding email address?
What is a forwarding email address and when do I need one?

My email doesn't work
Use this procedure to determine the problem with your email

Can I have one domain email address forward to two email inboxes?
Yes simply enter the two email addresses in the to field separated by semicolon and no spaces

What spam filtering do you do?
If some emails are not being delivered to you, find out what spam filtering is happening on our servers

Iphone / Smartphone email integration for gmail/google apps users
We've setup our own iphones this way, works well, it uses the iphone/MS Exchange integration method, even though you are really using GMAIL or Google Apps.

Web forms - email debugging
There are lots of steps in email going from our web forms to your inbox, learn the process here if you are needing to debug email issues

Size Limits On Emails
We have a limit of 20MB on attachment sizes (or total email size) for all emails that are sent or forwarded via our SMTP servers. There is no limit on incoming email. That said, every SMTP/POP server in the chain of email delivery may impliment different rules, and there is no guarantee of an email with > 5MB attachment succeeding.

Whitelist IP Addresses / SPF Record
if you have the ability to define SPF records or whitelist SMTP servers, please use include:spf.cms-tool.net

Changing a password assigned to an email address

Change To Gmail
Learn how to move away from xtra/yahoo/hotmail/etc to an awesome gmail experience

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